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Woman live-tweets two wives travelling to confront their husbands who they think are sleeping together

By Ross Semple

One woman has gone viral after live-tweeting a conversation between two women on their way to confront their husbands whom they believed were sleeping together.

Twitter user Britney-Jade Colangelo was waiting for a flight at an airport bar in Ohio when she first overheard the two women talking.

After eavesdropping on the women, Colangelo began live-tweeting the conversation, and people couldn’t get enough.

She started by writing: “There are two women next to me at the airport bar who are flying cross-country to ambush their husbands they think are sleeping together.”

She explains how the women had never met until that point, but one of them remained positive, saying: “Hopefully I’ll gain a sister in you if I lose my husband.”

Colangelo continued tweeting: “One of the women has an extreme couponer’s amount of gum in her purse. ‘You can’t yell at someone with bad breath. My dad taught me that.'”

The tweets continue as the women discussed their husbands: “‘Why can’t they be honest? There’s no need for cockamamie stories and secrets. I don’t care if they’re gay. I care they lie.'”

Colangelo explains how the two women order shots and “Based on their faces, one woman is a seasoned pro. The other has never had a shot in her entire life.”

The ‘Shot Lady’ then said: “‘My daughter’s boyfriend thought my husband was gay. I thought he was an asshole. I guess he’s just clairvoyant.'”

Over the next series of tweets, Colangelo explains how the two women bond over images of their children and finally discuss Netflix’s Grace & Frankie show.


They then begin watching cute animal videos, but Shot Lady wants to go to the terminal.

“Gum Lady is breathing really heavy. ‘I’m so glad you still have a sense of humour. I’m struggling to hang on to mine.'”

“Shot Lady: ‘Our husbands are f*cking or we’re both insane. Either way, we’re going to be okay. I promise.’ ADOPT ME SHOT LADY.”

“Gum Lady: ‘At least my husband’s boyfriend has good taste in women.’ Shot Lady: ‘Yeah. You’re pretty okay too.'”

Shot Lady then comforts Gum Lady before leaving for the terminal.

Colangelo ends the live-tweeting session by writing: “If your names are Jeffrey and Richard and you’re on a ‘business trip’ in Chicago… your wives are coming for you. And they’ve bonded.”

The original tweet has since amassed a huge number of likes and retweets though it’s currently unknown what happened to the two women when they finally met their husbands.

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