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Wentworth Miller will be quitting social media in March

By Darren Mew

In a statment on Facebook on Saturday (25 February) actor Wentworth Miller said he was leaving his virtual life behind him.

At the start of the statement, Miller holds a Q&A with himself and answers a few questions:

For how long? I don’t know.

Will this page and its content remain published? Yes.

Will people still be able to leave comments? Yes. On existing posts.

Will I be checking in? I don’t know.

When and if I return, will this page function in the same way? I don’t know.

When and if I return, but it’s somewhere else online, will I let folks know? Of course.”
The Facebook page that “has stretched, humbled, challenged, sometimes angered, and frequently inspired me. It’s made me laugh. And moved me to tears” will be going silent in March.
The star who famously decided to come out publicly in 2013 then went on to explain how much he loved and appreciated social media for being a platform to let him discuss “self-expression and exploration and articulation around mental health and self-care and queer issues and men’s issues with side trips into art, music, and photography.”
The star has been a big advocate on mental health in the past, in an interview with Attitude last year Miller explain how healing self-expression through “whatever medium is available to you.”
From the sounds of it, the Prison Break star might be coming back or might not even leave.
For now we have until the 10 March until Wentworth Miller’s Facebook page goes quite.

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