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Watch Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes and Ellen throw hilarious shade at each other

Things quickly descended into farce on The Ellen Show this week.

By Will Stroude

Given their status as two of the biggest LGBT television stars of the last three decades, it’s no surprise that Sean Hayes and Ellen Degeneres go way back.

Of course, that meant viewers of The Ellen Show were in for a treat when Hayes took to the sofa to discuss the Will & Grace revival earlier this week.

Laughs came thick and fast as the pair attempted to work their way through the interview, which quickly descended into a ‘Battle of the Gay’s as the firm friends began throwing some hilarious shade at one another.

It all began when Hayes – who starred as Jack McFarland Will & Grace for eight season between 1998-2006 before the show returned to screens last year – complimented DeGeneres on 15 years of the The Ellen Show.

The hit daytime talk show first began airing in 2003, propelling Ellen back to A-list status five years after her sitcom Ellen had been cancelled after five seasons in 1998 – a decision many believed was tied to the actress and comedian coming out publicly the year before.

Joining Ellen on the sofa, Hayes joked: “Oh Helen… You’ve been on the air for 15 years!”

After replying bluntly: “On this particular show, yes”, Ellen asked how long Will & Grace had been on air.

“Longer than 15 [years]”, Hayes quipped.

Ellen then asked pointedly: “How long was it the first time around, before y’all got cancelled?”

Sipping his (piping hot) tea, Sean replied: “I think it was longer than your sitcom.”

Ellen was taking no prisoners though, and immiedately fired back: “Yeah that’s right, I had to come out first for y’all to do that sitcom.”

The pair collapsed into giggles as Hayes seemingly accepted defeat.

“It’s funny because it’s true!” the 47-year-old actor laughed.

Ellen added: “It’s a battle of the gays up in here.”

Check out the hilarious encounter below: