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Watch: The funniest Destiny’s Child drag show you’ll ever see

By Nick Bond

UPDATE: The wonders of the internet – we’ve discovered that the lady in question in the video below is Canadian queen Sofonda Cox. Soak up your newfound viral fame, Sofonda. 

This drag queen officially has no chill.

We’re not sure who this amazing lady is, where or even when she’s performing. All we know is that this incredible performance has being doing the rounds on Facebook for the past few days, and it was just too good for us not to share.

Look, there’s no denying Beyonce was the biggest star of Destiny’s Child. Harsher critics might even argue that Kelly and Michelle (#poormichelle) were kind of extraneous to the group’s success.

There’s no mistaking this queen’s view on the matter, in this blistering one-woman performance of the group’s hit Survivor:

[fbvideo link=”″ width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Girl, we salute you. There’s only one thing we can say: