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Watch: New Norwegian safe sex advert is totally brilliant

By Will Stroude

Norway is apparently in the midst of an STI epidemic, leading to some to call it Europe’s “herpes hotspot” – but now the Norwegians are fighting back with a brilliant new ad campaign.

The new public service announcement sees a man dressed as a giant penis roaming the streets of Norway to terrorising unsuspecting passers-by before showering them with a burst of gold glitter, Mashable UK reports.


The campaign was created by Scandinavian sexual health charity Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RSFU) who say they hope to encourage youngsters the stop ‘dicking around’ and practice safe sex.

“If I can help others, just by being a dick,” 19-year-old man in the penis costume, Philip van Eck, told Tønsberg Blad, “there is nothing better.”

norway 2

To be honest, they could do with showing it over here in the UK, after new recently-revealed figures showed that STI rates in gay men are soaring year on year.

Check out the ad in full below:

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