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‘True Blood: The Musical’ is now in the works

By Josh Haggis


A musical based on hit HBO show True Blood is now in the works.

The long-running vampire drama is about to begin its seventh and final season, but the show’s composer Nathan Barr is now working on an all-singing, all-dancing stage adaptation.

“We’ve got a couple of songs already,” he told E!. “The story lends itself to a musical. The challenge for us is the minute I thought about True Blood: The Musical, I myself could kind of groan. I can see the bad version of that. It’s really a matter of finding a way of sort of reinventing it.”

However, the project is still in its early stages and it could be some time before it makes to Broadway or London’s West End – if it makes it at all.

“We’re pitching it, it’s not a guaranteed thing,” Barr said. “I have the rights. HBO doesn’t have to like it, but hopefully they will and they’ll give us the shot to make it and bring it to Broadway. We have a year left before we have to present it. It’s still very early, but we’re very excited. Fingers crossed!”

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this week that True Blood stars Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård have filmed a homoerotic scene for an episode of the show’s upcoming final season – read the full story here.

True Blood’s seventh and final season will premiere on HBO in the US on June 22, before beginning in the UK on July 7 on FOX.

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