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Troye Sivan: ‘Seeing gay kisses on TV changed my life’

By Troy Nankervis

Australian YouTube star-turned-singer Troye Sivan has credited onscreen portrayals of same-sex romance on television for helping him accept himself and his sexuality when he was younger.

Speaking to Billboard, the Blue Neighbourhood crooner said it was also the reason why the inclusion of a same-sex romance in his trilogy of songs, ‘Wild’, ‘Fools’ and ‘Take Me Down’ was really important.

“I’ve spoken about this before, but I remember the two specific moments that I’ve seen gay kisses on TV growing up,” he said.

“And the fact that I remember those, it kind of shows how impactful they were on my life and on me as a person. There was confusion about what it was, and a little bit of excitement I guess, and a little bit of relating to that.

“Seeing a little bit of myself in that, and feeling this relief that there was at least someone else out there like me, that for me was super impactful, so I want to – wherever I can – try and shine a little bit of a light on the situation and use my platform to do that.”


During the interview the 20-year-old star also revealed that recent Grammy winner Taylor Swift would be his ultimate creative collaborator.

“I really, really, really, want to work with Taylor Swift. As a student of pop music, I feel like I have so much that I could learn from her and Max Martin,” he said.

“I just want to sit in that room and watch them do what they do, and hopefully help a little.

“I’m waiting for the day that Lorde hears an interview of my gushing about her, and decides to hit me up and become my best friend, or Taylor Swift, but none of the above have happened.”

But with Swift already saying that Sivan’s Wild EP was “stunning and awesome”, maybe a future collaboration is now too far away at all.

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