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Trans activist Georgie Stone won Australia’s GLBTI person of the year

By Darren Mew

Georgie Stone was awarded Australia’s GLBTI person of the year as she was a leading case in giving other trans identifying young people access to hormones.

Held in Victoria, Australia, the GLOBE awards, awarded Georgie with the LGBTI person of the year award.

Accepting the award she said, “I’m hoping that after seeing my story, they can see a happy, free, sixteen year old girl who has come out the other side.”

She then took to Instagram to say, “I dedicate this award to all transgender people who don’t feel safe, loved or treated fairly. Your community is behind you, and you will always have a home with us.”

David Micallef, who is GLOBE President, said that “Georgie is doing work that will change the lives of millions of young transgender people in years to come.”

“Without her and her family’s willingness to stand up and put themselves forward, our laws may still be restricting the lives of young transgender people who need to live their true lives,”

He finished up by saying, “Every GLBTI Person of the Year finalist was under 30 this year, which shows that we, as a community, are building a legacy that builds our young people up to stand for their own views.”