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This cat dragged up as ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ queens is too purrfect (PICS)

There's no way she's gonna shashay to the litter tray.

By Will Stroude

If there are two things the internet loves, it’s drag queens and adorable cats. So, you can imagine our glee at discovering that one fierce feline has been made over as the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – meow no she better don’t! (Sorry).

Known as Instagram’s Premier Cat Drag Queen, adorable kitty girl Laila is the star of the star of the RuPaw’s Drag Race page, where she models the latest in feline fashion from Brooklyn designers John Jeffords & Lynzie Rogers.

Now, Laila’s got her paws on the lewks from Drag Race UK queens including The Vivienne, Divina de Campo and Baga Chipz – and she’s displaying buckets of charisma, mew-niqueness, nerve and talent.

Looking and feline gorgeous, Laila recreates the queens’ promo looks and manages to avoid any runway cat-astrophes (ok we’ll stop now).

Of course, it’s not just Laila who’s got her claws out this week (ok, seems we’re not quite done), with Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne declaring her friendship over with runner-up Divina de Campo after a very public falling out on Twitter – more on that here

Check out the incredble transformations from RuPaw’s Drag Race below: