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‘The X Factor’s Danny Tetley reveals how he and his dad came out to each other

The singer discovered his father was also gay after he came out to him in 2001.

By Will Stroude

X Factor contestant Danny Tetley has shared his unlikely coming out story, revealing that his father came out as gay at the same time as him.

The aspiring singer, who wowed viewers with as heartfelt rendition of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ on Saturday night (November 10), discovered his father was also gay after the pair ended up at an LA gay bar together in 2001.

“I always had my questions over the years but Dad was never open about it,” Danny told The Sun.

“In LA we’d gone into a bar and then realised it was a gay bar. The drinks flowed and we started talking about the men in there who were handsome.

“That led to a conversation back at the hotel and we were honest with each other for the first time.

“It was quite a strange moment — there aren’t many fathers and sons who are gay.”

He went on: “It must have been tough for my dad growing up in the era he did and not being able to be himself. He loved my mum, but they separated when I was six.

“That experience with my dad made us so much closer. We’re really good friends and I’m so happy for him.

The Bradford-born singer added: “I’m hoping that telling this story will inspire others to come out too, whether you were young like me or older like my dad.”

Danny, who is the last remaining contestant in Ayda Field’s ‘Overs’ category, added that appearing on The X Factor had led to plenty of romantic offers from fans.

“I’ve had plenty of men hitting on me through social media, saying they fancy me, but I have no time at the minute and I’m liking my own space,” he said.

“Robbie ­Williams and Simon Cowell are too old for me. Liam Payne and Shawn Mendes are much more my type.”

The X Factor continues next Saturday (November 17) at 8.10pm on ITV.