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The Mean Girls musical is officially coming next year

By Will Stroude

Earlier this year, it was announced that filming of Tina Fey’s hit Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schdmit‘s third season had been pushed back, due to star Elle Kemper’s pregnancy.

However, we know that females are strong as hell, and Fey had a pretty glorious secret in her hair; she’s been finishing the as-of-today-official-and-not-just-a-rumour MEAN. GIRLS. MUSICAL. Hash brown, not a drill.


Yesterday (October 3rd – was there any other acceptable day?), the official Mean Girls musical Twitter account sprung up and posted its first tweet, confirmed the debut will be next ‘Fall’ (Autumn) in Washington D.C.


Aside from a tweet filled with the very best quotes of the film, there’s very little other information available, leaving us feeling very…


Fey has worked on the musical alongside her composer husband, Jeff Richmond and lyricist Nell Benjamin, leaving us reassured the development is in safe hands.

What can we expect from the grand stage debut of the Plastics and co.?

Will the musical be an adapted version or entirely new story? Can we take a shot every time a cast member says ‘fetch’? Will we see anybody making out with a hot dog? A cheerleading routine explaining how to spell ‘orange’? Will the front row have a flying stereo risk notice? If there’s a show on a Wednesday will be mandatory to wear pink (pretty please!)?

Well, one thing we can guarantee is we’ll be in the audience, jingle bell rockin’, eating cheese fries and wearing our vests with custom nipple holes (we may or may not already own these). As for the rest of the audience…


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