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The Gray Man’s Ryan Gosling says Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who casting is ‘the most exciting thing that’s happening right now’

Gosling says he's “such a big fan” of the Sex Education actor.

By Emily Maskell

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Netflix

Ryan Gosling has said that Ncuti Gatwa’s casting as the next Doctor Who is “the most exciting thing that’s happening right now”. 

Gosling, 41, appeared virtually on The One Show on Tuesday (19 July) to speak about the daredevil stunts in the new Netflix action film, The Gray Man, and the upcoming Barbie, in which he plays Ken.

He was asked by hosts Alex Scott and Roman Kemp about his Barbie co-star, Sex Education’s Gatwa, who Gosling described as “the coolest” adding that he is “such a big fan” of the actor. 

“[Gatwa] playing Doctor Who is the most exciting thing that’s happening right now, so I’m here for it,” Gosling continued.

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A post shared by Russell T Davies (@russelltdavies63)

Returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies shared the clip of Gosling’s praise for Gatwa on his Instagram with the caption: “Ryan speaks the truth!”

In his comments, the BBC’s Doctor Who account replied: “Can confirm: we are also here for it!”

Gosling was recently spotted proudly wearing a fan-made t-shirt that sees Gatwa as the famous Time Lord with swirling galaxies around him, an image Davies also posted on Instagram joking that he would sue Gosling over the illegal merchandise.

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A post shared by Russell T Davies (@russelltdavies63)

“This is, genuinely, Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Ncuti Gatwa as Doctor Who,” he wrote with a shocked emoji. “We’re suing him, of course. Illegal merch #RulesAreRules.”

Gatwa’s rise came on Netflix’s Sex Education where he played out and proud Eric but the 29-year-old actor’s entrance to Doctor Who will see him taking over from Jodie Whittaker to be the 14th Doctor alongside Heartstopper‘s Yasmin Finnley, playing a trans woman in the show, and Neil Patrick Harris as “the greatest enemy” that Doctor Who has ever faced.

Gosling and Gatwa are co-stars in the upcoming film Barbie, in UK cinemas July 2023, alongside Margot Robbie who is playing the eponymous Barbie. 

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