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‘The Babadook’ director says it’s ‘really sweet’ the character is now a gay icon

The 2014 horror film character became a gay icon thanks to a glitch on Netflix

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

The Babadook director thinks it’s ‘really sweet’ the character is now a gay icon.

The 2014 horror film follows a mother trying raising her son in the aftermath of her husband’s death.

After reading a pop-up story about Mister Babadook, a top hat clad monster who torments people after they find out about his existence, the Babadook comes after the pair in a variety of creepy ways.

And, although the film does not have any queer representation, the Babadook became an LGBTQ icon after a glitch on Netflix placed in the LGBTQ category on the streaming site.

Since then, the character has become a gay icon around the world and director-writer Jennifer Kent said it’s really ‘sweet’ the LGBTQ community has ‘latched onto’ the character.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “I’m still trying to work that one out… It’s quite perplexing.

“I feel it’s really quite beautiful, but I still have no idea why. I mean, I kind of do.

“I guess he’s an outsider of sorts. It’s funny. It’s charming, I think, that the gay community has latched onto it.

“It’s really sweet. He’s trying to prolong his life, he’s trying to stay relevant.”