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Take That’s Howard Donald reveals he is ‘open-minded’ when it comes to who he is attracted to

The singer opened up about his sexuality saying he has fancied men in the past

By Steve Brown

Take That’s Howard Donald has admitted he thinks he could be pansexual.

The singer was speaking on an Instagram Live video when he told his fans that he ‘fancies’ both men and women and, after hearing that Christine and the Queens identifies as pansexual, he said that ‘maybe’ he should be pansexual as well.

He said: “Christine And The Queens, she’s a pansexual, I’ve read. Pansexual sounds good. Maybe I should be pansexual.

“And let’s face it, women look at other women sometimes and think, ‘Ooh yeah, she’s tasty, I fancy her’.

“I’ve looked at men before and thought, ‘Oh yeah, I fancy him, he’s a good-looking guy. I wish I looked like that’.

“You can still be attracted to men and still be attracted to women . . . as well as women, sorry.”

However, the singer – who is married to Katie Hall – says he loves his wife but not before saying he is “open-minded” about sexuality.

He said: “But I’m happy with my wife, anyway. But I’m just saying, I’m very open-minded when it comes to that.”