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Take a look at three new clips from the critically acclaimed gay coming of age drama ‘Beach Rats’

By Ross Semple

Fancy seeing three brand new clips from gay coming of age film Beach Rats? Of course you do!

The film stars Brit Harris Dickinson as troubled New York teenager Frankie who hides his sexuality from his friends while secretly picking up older men online. Beach Rats is the latest in a number of high-profile gay films to receive glowing reviews. Coming straight off the heels of films like Moonlight, God’s Own Country and Call Me by Your Name, the film has been getting a lot of praise from critics, and we can see why from the selection of clips that have just made their way online.

The first of the clips shows Frankie in the aftermath of a hook-up with an older guy. The two engage in some pillow talk as the man tries to work out whether Frankie is ‘really gay’ just by looking at his hands.

In one of the clips, called ‘That Girl’, Frankie confronts his ex-girlfriend after he spots her on the beach. The two discuss what went wrong during their relationship.

In the final clip, titled ‘That’s Gay’, Frankie asks a female friend whether she has ever kissed another woman. “Sure, lots of times,” she responds. He asks her if she ‘thinks it’s hot’ when two guys make out. “No, it’s not hot. It’s just gay,” she replies, as Frankie’s face falls.

Beach Rats is released in selected cinemas next month in the US (August), and will debut in the UK in November.

Watch the trailer below:

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