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Susanna Reid asks Dan Stevens if he ‘beat off’ men for role

By Josh Haggis


Susanna Reid put her foot in her mouth spectacularly yesterday while interviewing actor Dan Stevens.

The presenter gave Stevens a fit of the giggles during his appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain yesterday (September 4) when she asked the actor whether he had to “beat off” a lot of American men for his part in new movie The Guest.

“You play this apparent all-American hero and this is a big opportunity for you in Hollywood,” Reid said. “You must have had to beat off a lot of American men to get this part?”

Both Stevens and the show’s crew then began to laugh, before Reid asked: “Why does that make you giggle? Did you not have to beat them off?”

Stevens poked fun at Reid’s unintentional innuendo on Twitter shortly after his appearance on the show – see his tweet below.

Watch the hilarious clip below (the best bit starts at 1:30) – and also check out Dan Stevens talking about his buff new look here.

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