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Simon Cowell makes a gay joke about Rylan Clark-Neal live on X Factor

By Darren Mew

The audience of the Xtra Factor were shocked last night as one of the judges made a gay joke about Rylan Clark-Neal.

Xtra Factor is known for being more relaxed and chilled then its parent program, X Factor, but sometimes this goes a little too far.

Last night, Xtra Factor fans were unsettled when Simon Cowell possibly took things a little too far with the host of the show.

Rylan and co-host, Matt Edmondson, were asking the judges to pick a door to choose which caller they would get for the judges’ Q&A.

During this segment Rylan said “I love a front door”, to which Simon joked back, “I thought you liked back doors?”

The other judges and audience were left stunned but Rylan took hold of this situation and joked back with, “Oh, Simon! Would you like me to show you how much?”

Immediately Simon knew he had gone too far and with a bright red face apologised:”I apologise. I shouldn’t have said that – sorry, sorry, sorry.”

This didn’t stop people taking to social media to share their shock:

However, Rylan later took to Twitter to clear the air by tweeting “Simon Cowell made a joke, no biggie, and I took it….. (another joke) all love and laughs on #XtraFactorLive”

In other news, apparently Simon Cowell dunks his tea bag a lot: