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Shoppers witness transphobia in public – what they did next will inspire you

By Will Stroude

What would you do if you saw a woman being harassed in public simply for being transgender?

That’s the question real members of the public were forced to ask themselves after witnessing a shop assistant abusing a customer looking to buy a new dress in a shop in the town of Ramsey, New Jersey recently.

Thankfully, the altercation was all staged as part of ABC series What Would You Do?, which takes a revealing look at how members of the public react to public displays of intolerance – but the shoppers’ responses are nothing short of inspiring.

Instead of simply ignoring the display of bigotry in front of them, shopper after shopper intervenes to either compliment the women being abused or give the abusive sales clerk a lecture in the meaning of manners.

The resulting scenes might have you reaching for the tissues, so be warned…

It’s not the first time What Would You Do? has reassured us that there are plenty of people ready to stand up for the LGBT+ community: In 2015, we got all the feels after strangers stood up for a pair of prospective gay parents in a New Jersey diner – check out the uplifting scenes here.

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