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Shawn Mendes gushes over Riverdale actor KJ Apa: ‘I love him’

By Joshua Haigh

Shawn Mendes and KJ Apa have been working on something secret together.

The Riverdale star teamed up with the world famous singer before the CW show became a global phenomenon, but they’ve yet to let fans know just what they teamed up for.

In an interview with MTV, Shawn gushed about his “love” for the actor and teased that fans may find out sooner or later what they’ve got in the pipeline.

“I love him,” said the star. “I did something with him, that I can’t really talk about, because maybe it’ll be something in the future.”

“He’s incredible,” he continued. “And it [the project] was before Riverdale started taking off, it was so cool to see all this stuff happen for him.”

“And I hadn’t seen him since then and I saw him two days ago at the AMAs and it was really cool to see him again.”

Earlier this year, KJ and his Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse showed off their friendship in an interview for Vogue, where things ended up getting a little… flirty.

The two hunks spent the entire interview with Vogue talking to each other using only fan tweets, and they became pretty intense to put it mildly.