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Sam Smith is ‘scared’ of their next tour because they find it ‘really hard’ to be away from family

The non-binary singer opened up about struggling while on tour

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Sam Smith says they are ‘scared’ for their next tour and says they find it ‘really hard’ to be away from their family.

The Academy Award winning singer came out as non-binary back in March where they announced they would be using gender-neutral they/them pronouns.

And although they are one of the most celebrated singers, Sam has said they are scared about their next tour and says they don’t want to lose their mind.

Speaking to The Mirror, the singer said: “ You go away from all your family and friends for so long and then you come back and everyone’s changed and everything’s changed.

“You have to play catch-up, but you have to play catch-up knowing full well that you’re going to go again in a year’s time.

“So it’s really hard but at the same time it’s incredibly addictive because I get to meet my fans and sing for all of them.

“I don’t want to lose my mind, so I’m scared for the next tour.

“I have an on-the-road therapist. There’s many ways to handle it, but the truth is I don’t handle it, I find it really hard.”