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Ryan Murphy teases the return of three iconic characters from ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

The series creator posted an image onto his Instagram account teasing the return of the characters

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Ryan Murphy has teased Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates will all reprise their Coven roles in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

For fans of the show – which currently only has one more episode left in the States – will know that the eighth series is a crossover between Murder House and Coven.

The series has seen the return of fan favourite characters from both seasons including Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson), Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts), Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga), Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) and Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) as the Witches Coven.

Apocalypse follows the witches fighting against Michael Langdon aka the Anti-Christ – played by Cody Fern – but their hopes of stopping the end of the world do not seem to be working.

For the first time since season four Freak Show, Jessica Lange returned to the Murphy anthology as her iconic character Constance Langdon and many speculated that she would reprise her role as Supreme witch Fiona Goode.

Coven saw Fiona try to stop the next Supreme taking over her reign in any way possible and saw her, eventually, teaming up with the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau to stop the witch hunters.

At the end of Coven, both Fiona and Marie died and were sent to spend eternity in their own idea of Hell – alongside immortal slave torturer Delphine LaLaurie.

But this season has seen the likes of Madison, Queenie and Misty Day (Lily Rabe) all be resurrected from Hell by Michael.

However, with only one episode left to air in America, hopes had dwindled that the iconic characters will return and end Michael’s reign.

But now, Murphy has teased that Fiona, Marie and Delphine could possibly return in the final episode of the eighth series.

On Instagram, he posted a picture of Jessica, Angela and Kathy and captioned the image: “They Know What They Need To Do”

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They Know What They Need To Do

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Does this mean we will finally see the return of the three iconic characters? Please Ryan! Make this happen!