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Riverdale’s gay teen Kevin Keller goes cruising in steamy new storyline

By Will Stroude

Viewers were promised more action from Riverdale‘s Kevin Keller in season two, and action is exactly what they got during the latest episode of the of the hit CW drama series.

This week’s episode ‘Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods’ saw dark and racy scenes as the gay teen went cruising in the woods in the dead of night.

While Kevin, played by Casey Cott, might have got lucky, his steamy hookup ended up with tense encounter with best friend Betty, who had followed him to the woods.

“Why can’t you just use GrindEm like every other gay in the world?” Betty says.

She continues: “I thought you said you weren’t gonna do this anymore? I want you to have more respect for yourself.”

Kevin, however, decides he isn’t here for hetty Betty’s lecturing.

“Respect for myself?” the gay teenager replies. “You act like we’ve got the same set of options, but we don’t. You live in this pale pink world of milkshakes and first kisses and ‘Am I gonna date Archie or Jughead?’

“Except for when you’re exploring your BDSM sexuality, which again, you’re allowed to do, but I’m not. Because why? This is what I’ve got, me [and] these woods. So please don’t come here and tell me its disgusting.

“If you can’t accept what I do – whatever I do – then we’re not really friends.”

New episodes of Riverdale stream every Tuesday in the UK on Netflix.

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