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Riverdale gay character to get new love interest in season two

By Will Stroude

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of gay character Kevin Keller in the second season of Riverdale. 

Actor Casey Cott, who plays Keller, has been a fan favourite since the opening minutes of the show’s first episode, in which Keller stares out of a window, sees a shirtless Archie and says: “Oh… my god, Archie got hot!”

As the teen drama returns to television this week, 25-year-old Cott spoke to Teen Vogue about the upcoming season, stating that it “gets pretty weird.”

He says: “First of all, there will be lots of drama with how we left off with season one, both with Fred being shot and with all the interpersonal relationships – Kevin figuring out what’s going on with Betty, [and] dealing with his father.”

In the show, Keller dated Joaquin who was forced to flee Riverdale to avoid prosecution for helping to dispose of Jason Blossom’s dead body. In season two, however, Keller will be getting new love interests.

“The love interests Kevin has in season two are different. I think what’s cool about Kevin in season two is we kind of explore many different kinds of love interests, the same way that high schoolers do.”

He adds: “Some are people you just meet, but are quick; sometimes you find a long-lasting relationship. We kind of delved into a few different kinds of relationships in season two. I think a bigger, more long-term relationship is coming for Kevin very soon.”


Cott also spoke on the positive reaction Keller’s character has had on fans and actors in the industry. He said: “I think the reaction has been overwhelmingly just amazing, from friends of mine, to fans, to other actors in the industry.”

He adds: “With out show, the amount of positive reaction we’ve gotten from each character, and specifically Kevin, has just been amazing.”

Riverdale season 2 drops on Netflix on Thursday October 12.

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