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Pokémon Go: Learn how to play with Latrice Royale

By Will Stroude

Pokémon Go fever has taken over the world, and Drag Race favourite Latrice Royale wants you to get in on the fun.

Along with fiance Christopher Hamblin and YouTube star James St James – whose drag makeover videos have been a huge hit on the video-sharing site – Latrice took to the streets of Hollywood in the video to give fans the lowdown on the new mobile game.

The trio, who don’t seem to be the most technologically literate get passers by involved to help them learn the ropes.

Latrice also offered up some invaluable sage advice for PokéFans worldwide who are finding themselves consumed by the game.

“Don’t Pokémon Go and drive, bitches. Walk yo ass.”

Wiser words have never been uttered.

Watch the video below:

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