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Picture Special: ‘Hit the Floor’s new gay couple

By David Hutchison

One on-screen couple has been making a lot of waves in America.

The second season of VH1’s cheerleading drama Hit the Floor, which has just wrapped up, has featured a storyline in which a young basketball player called Zero (Adam Senn) embarks on a secret relationship with his coach, Jude (Brent Antonello).

Neither of them is exactly difficult to look at, as you’ll find out below.


Season two of Hit the Floor also featured some romantic scenes between Jude and Zero, which fall just the right side of naughty, as you’ll see below.

hitthefloor1 hitthefloor2 hitthefloor3 hitthefloor4 hitthefloor5


Sadly, Hit the Floor has yet to be picked up by a UK broadcaster – surely someone has to right this wrong soon?

Meanwhile, even more intimate scenes between a man and another man were shown recently on True Bloodcheck out the NSFW screen-caps here.