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Perez Hilton hits back after being branded a ‘pervert’ for showering with son

By Will Stroude

Perez Hilton has hit back at critics who have branded him a child abuser and “pervert” for bathing with his children.

The controversial gossip blogger and TV personality, who is father to 2-year-old son Mario and six-month old daughter Mia, became embroiled in controversy after sharing a photo of him showering at home with Mario on Instagram.


Accompanying the smiling image posted at the weekend, Hilton wrote: “Our family motto is: #fun! “We try and incorporate fun into as much of the everyday things we do! #Bathtime”

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant quickly faced a backlash online however, with one Twitter user calling it “creepy” and other accusing the blogger of “child abuse” and trying to “turn his son into a cupcake”.

Refusing to be bowed by the criticism, Hilton took to Twitter to say that the picture wouldn’t be conflated with abuse if he was a straight father, writing: “Crazy that this has become today’s hot topic. Seriously, if this were @chrishemsworth and his son, people would not be reacting this way”, before adding later: “I had my bathing suit on, and I didn’t feel the need to clarify that in the caption.”

He continued: “Days like today make me very bummed that no TV network wanted to produce the #GayDads show I pitched last year. A show like that is NEEDED!”

Many users were quick to defend Hilton, including one social media user who replied: “No need to explain yourself. Shorts or not, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s how we teach our children about our bodies.”

Another added: “Anyone who’s a parent didn’t see this as creepy because as adult parents we know the day-to-day life of raising children.”

Hilton didn’t let the controversy bother him for long though: he was soon sharing videos of him happily with his kids just a few hours later.

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