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Olly and Neil’s secret to relationship success? “FaceTime sex”

By Attitude Magazine

Blimey. The relationship tidbits just keep coming from Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander and his boyfriend, Neil from Clean Bandit, don’t they?


Yesterday we brought you a chat with Neil from Camp Bestival this past weekend, in which he said it was “always quite intense” when he and his Years and Years boyf are reunited after long periods apart. Now, in a new interview with FLAZÉDA, Olly has given rather a frank answer when asked how the pair stay connected when separated by their respective bands’ hectic schedules.

“FaceTime sex,” he blurted out. “FaceTime is such a saviour. We just fly to another country for a night when we really miss each other. When it’s three weeks it tears me apart. A week is alright, two weeks is hard but at three weeks I’m having nervous breakdowns.”

In the same interview, Olly spoke about his decision to be an out gay performer from the start of his career saying he’s found so far that “people don’t care”:

“It’s really cool that we have fans from gay guys to straight guys to straight girls,” Olly explained.

“I feel like I have a connection to our gay fans, I remember five years ago when I was their age wishing there were more open singers.”

“Some people were worried that me being gay would affect our commercial success in America, but it’s not the case. Sam Smith is huge there. It’s about the music and people don’t care. You respond to the music.”