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Mum creates Tinder profiles for gay twin sons to find them boyfriends – WATCH

By Fabio Crispim

Most people wouldn’t let any family member near their dating apps.

But in a new video gay twin YouTubers ‘The Monastero Twins’ decided to let their mum create their Tinder Profiles.

Gay Twins Tinder 5

At the beginning of the video their mum helps Luke and Adam, who came out in 2014, choose a profile picture and even scolds for them “trying to be too pretty”.

She writes “no nudies” on their profiles and specifying the age limits carefully with Luke at 45 and Adam at 32.

According to Gay Buzzer she then helps them write a bio before helping them pick some matches.

Gay Twins Tinder 2

Turns out their mum is more picky than the twins themselves as she continually rejects matches.

“You’re savage,” the boys say.

Gay Twins Tinder 3

She even start to message some matches before the boys beg her not to.

They say mum knows best, but is this too far?

You can watch the video below:

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