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Michelle Visage: ‘Perez Hilton is an embarrassment to the gay community’

By Josh Haggis

Michelle Visage has labelled Perez Hilton “an embarrassment” to the LGBT community.

Hilton frustrated Visage on last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother (January 16), when he danced around the garden topless before going on to tear off his clothes and make sexual noises against the bedroom window where Visage was sitting.


Visage and fellow housemate Callum Best visited the diary room shortly after, where the much-loved Drag Race judge appeared to find it hard to hold back tears while she criticised Hilton’s behaviour.

“Perez sets our community back fifty years. He’s an embarrassment,” said Visage. “I am outraged for an entire community who have been fighting for equality for so long.”

“We have been fighting for equal rights, equal marriage and it’s ridiculous that I fight for these things everyday when this person is an embarrassment to an entire community, let alone a country. I do not want people judging the gay community on this ass,” she added.

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