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Looking for a new LGBT comedy to see you through the winter nights? Garcon Model has just the one for you


By Steve Brown

As the winter nights get darker and darker and the desire to go outside gets less and less, there is only one thing to do. Sit back with a movie.

But you’ve all probably exhausted what’s on offer on Netflix and other streaming sites, so what can you watch now?

Well, Garcon Model is on hand for the perfect comedy to help with the dark nights.

You Should Meet My Son 2! is a comedy about a religious mother who is determined to stop her gay son’s wedding.

But her plans go awry when she accidentally befriends his fiancé and finds herself dispensing relationship advice. Will mom wind up being the one who destroys their marriage? Or the one who saves it.

The film is the sequel to YOU SHOULD MEET MY SON! which was a hit on the festival circuit a few years back.

It won nine awards for Best Picture, as well as awards for Best Screenplay and several acting awards for members of the cast. It was also #1 best seller in Amazon’s Gay Movies list.

The new film is sponsored by Garçon Model underwear, which provided funds for the film’s art department, as well as all the sexy underwear in the bachelor party scene.

The film is now available on Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay. You can also buy the DVD from Amazon.

Watch the trailer below: