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Lance Bass on homophobia: ‘I get death threats every day’

By Sam Rigby


Lance Bass has revealed that he receives death threats on a daily basis from people who have an issue with his sexuality.

The out gay singer – who will marry fiancé Michael Turchin on December 20 – said there is still “such a negative look at the LGBT community”.

Speaking to ABC News, he explained: “Every day, I hear some idiot calling me f** or threatening to kill me, and that’s what you have to live with when there’s still such a negative look at the LGBT community.

“It’s just sad what people are brainwashed into thinking. But definitely times are changing. Look, Mississippi might be on the brink of legalizing gay marriage. I would never have thought in 2014 that would be the case.”

Bass also took the opportunity to discuss his new documentary Kidnapped for Christ, which focuses on schools who use “gay conversion therapy” on students.

He said: “When the project came to me, I’d heard of these teen reform schools and what they were doing to the kids, especially the gay kids. When I really learned what these schools were doing… I couldn’t believe I didn’t know.”

The 35-year-old said that “couldn’t imagine” his parents ever having sent him to a conversion school.

“I would hope they would not go to that extreme. But back then, I have no idea. I’m just so happy [that] my parents today are very supportive,” he said.

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