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Kylie rumoured to perform on the Legend’s stage at Glastonbury Festival next year

The 'Dancing' hitmaker missed out performing back in 2005

By Steve Brown

Kylie is rumoured to be performing on the Legend’s stage at Glastonbury Festival.

The singer was set to play at the music festival back in 2005 but was forced to pull out after being diagnosed with breast cancer, but now, Kylie – who dropped her latest album ‘Golden’ this year – looks set to step onto the Legends stage when the festival returns.

An insider told The Sun: “Kylie had to pull out of Glastonbury in 2005 just a month before she was due to appear so this performance will be a very emotional and poignant moment for her.

“She jumped at the opportunity to appear next year and it is the perfect way to celebrate her career.”

The ‘Dancing’ hitmaker previously spoke about her desire to perform in the iconic stage and said: “When I was supposed to do it I think I would have been the first solo female to headline in however many years it was, so I was really proud of that at that time.

“Obviously, it didn’t happen. So yes, it would be amazing and very emotional to be standing there and doing what I didn’t get to do all those years ago, for sure.”