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Jonathan Rhys Meyers ‘took charge’ of Jeremy Irvine in ‘Stonewall’ sex scenes

By Will Stroude

We were already intrigued enough to see Roland Emmerich’s controversy-plagued gay rights drama Stonewall, but we’re even more so after hearing more about the film’s man-on-man action between Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ hardened gay rights activist and Jeremy Irvine’s twinky New York newcomer.

Speaking to PrideSource, Irvine admitted having only filmed one sex scene in his career before, the former Tudors actor had led him by the hand when it came to getting intimate on camera.


“It was my first gay sex scene in a film, and hey, to be honest, if you’re gonna do it, Jonathan Rhys Myers is not a bad choice,” the 23-year-old War Horse star said.

“I’m pretty green to all that. And Jonathan obviously did The Tudors and so he said, ‘Just relax. I used to do, like, 10 of these a day.’ So he was very cool. He took my hand. Took me through it.”

Director Emmerich put it slightly more succinctly when questioned about the pair’s gay sex scenes.

“Jonathan totally took charge,” he said, before adding that he tried to keep filming short for Irvine because “oh my god was he nervous”.

Kept filming short? Believe us when we say that is one take we would not be yelling ‘cut’ on.

Stonewall opens in cinemas across the US on September 25.

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