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John Constantine’s bisexuality explored in DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

The DC character has been bisexual in the comics since 1992

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

John Constantine’s bisexuality is finally explored in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

In the latest episode of the hit DC TV series, the occult detective – who has been bisexual in the comics since 1992 – finally got it on with another man and it was long-time coming.

In episode 7 of series 4, it is revealed that the character had a relationship with Desmond Laveau – the son of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau – and the two even moved in together.

We see the two men kiss and get undressed. Then the next morning as Constantine prepares to cook breakfast, Desmond enters the room in nothing but a towel suggesting that they were intimate during the night.

As most same-sex relationships in all TV programmes – minus a certain few – their relationship is short-lived as Desmond is captured by a demon and is tortured for entirety, just to torment the demon hunter Constantine.

Unlike its competitor Marvel, DC has not shied away from introducing LGBT characters after Wentworth Miller and Russell Tovey shared a passionate kiss in The Flash series last year, much to the praise of fans.

Watch Constantine and Desmond’s moments below: