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John Barrowman to return alongside James Marsters in ‘Torchwood’ spin-off ‘The Sins of Captain John’

The four-hour audio play will see the former couple reunite

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

John Barrowman is set to appear alongside James Marsters in the Torchwood spin-off The Sins of Captain John.

In a new box set of audio plays – set for release in January 2020 – by Big Finish, the two rivals Captain Jack (Barrowman) and Captain John (Marsters) are set to reunite for the first time since they first fought 11 years ago.

The Sins of Captain John will follow the rogue Time Agent who is in a lot of trouble and is trapped in the ruins of an exploding space station.

He’s unleashed a force from beyond that will consume the universe. Over four hours, John details how he got into the mess and Captain Jack is on his trail.

Captain John first appeared in the Doctor Who spin-off in the first episode of the second season as Captain Jack’s former partner both professionally and sexually.

Marsters said: “Recording [2018 release] The Death of Captain Jack audio for Big Finish was incredible.

“I had missed being a part of Torchwood so much. Beyond being proud of my involvement in the programme, Captain John was such a blast to play and I was very keen to revisit the character once again.”

The Sins of Captain John is available for pre-order from Big Finish at £28 on CD or £25 on download, rising to £35 on CD and £30 on download at general release.