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Joan Collins reveals her all-time favourite ‘Dynasty’ catfights

By Ross Semple

For eight years, Dame Joan Collins ruled US primetime television as Dynasty‘s deliciously devilish uber-bitch Alexis Colby, gifting the world with enough hair, shoulder pads and pithy put-downs to fill a decade’s worth of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Asked why many people continue to see Collins and her Dynasty counterpart as the same person, the 83-year-old screen legend’s response is simple:

“Because I was so bloody good.”

The scheming socialite’s antics fuelled much of the drama over the course of Dynasty‘s nine-season run, and the character’s violent feud with her ex-husband Blake Carrington’s new wife Krystle (Linda Evans) provided some of the show’s – and possibly television’s – most iconic scenes ever.

As she prepares to return to the big screen opposite Pauline Collins in heartwarming new comedy The Time of their Lives, Joan caught up with Attitude for our brand new April issue – available to download and in shops now – and the actress is all too happy to share memories of her iconic, if rather less heartwarming, stint as Alexis.

Asked which of Alexis and Krystle’s pro-wrestling-level bust-ups was her favourite, Joan reveals: “The one in the studio that I call the ‘feather fight scene’, where I’ve got the blue dress, and at the end [Krystle] knocks me out and I slide down the wall with my skirt up.”

Given the sheer number of physical tussles the pair got into over the course of the series however, it’s understandably hard to round it down to just one.

“I also like the one in Dynasty: The Reunion, in the shop with all the mannequins. and Alexis pulls the leg of the mannequin off. That was quite a funny one,” Joan adds.

Well if that’s not the excuse we need to revisit them both, right?

You can read Joan’s full interview in Attitude’s April issue. To buy in print click here, or subscribe at To buy a digital copy, visit

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