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Jennifer Hudson: ‘Sex and the City 3 might be happening’

By Josh Haggis

Sex City

Jennifer Hudson has revealed that a third Sex and the City film “might” be happening.

Sex and the City 3 rumours gathered pace earlier this year when Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte in the iconic comedy series, said another film could be made if the “fan support” was still there. Read more here.

Now Hudson, who appeared in the first film as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant, Louise from St Louis, has let slip in an interview with a US radio station that she may have been approached about appearing in another SATC movie.

“I think it might be [happening],” the singer/actress told Dish Nation. “Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks, it might happen. So look for it and look for your girl Louise from St. Louis!”

Though neither Sex and the City film received especially positive reviews from critics, both were hits at the box office, raking in $415 million (£260 million) and $305 million (£190 million) at cinemas worldwide respectively.

Watch Hudson tease the possibility of a third film below:

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