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Jennifer Hudson: ‘I don’t mind if people think I’m gay’

By Sam Rigby

Jennifer Hudson has said that it doesn’t bother her when people speculate about her sexuality.

In a recent interview, the Dreamgirls star recalled that she was often asked about her sexuality after she performed gay anthem Same Love with Macklemore & Lewis and Mary Lambert at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

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She told PrideSource: “People were like, ‘Is Jennifer trying to tell us something?’ Hey, I wasn’t, but if you wanna think that, it’s all right with me.

“When I got the call [to do that performance], I was like, ‘Oh my God, I definitely wanna do this. A powerful statement is being made and I wanna be a part of that’.”

The singer – who is preparing to release her third studio album JHUD – went on to say that she admires the “the independence and the confidence” of the LGBT community.

She continued: “I’m so inspired by that, and I feel like, for me, that is my connection.

“I’ve never understood, gosh, what does the gay community see in me? You know what I mean? Because again, I grew up around a lot of that and that’s the world that embraced me first, so that I’ve never fully gathered.”

Hudson has previously explained that performing in gay clubs before she became a star gave her invaluable experience as a performer – read more here.