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Jake Wesley Rogers celebrates queer love in new single ‘Modern Love’

Jake Wesley Rogers' latest single is all about “finding and accepting your own unique, beautiful version of love.”

By Emily Maskell

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: @JakeWesleyRogers

Jake Wesley Rogers has dropped an exuberant pop-rock anthem ‘Modern Love’ ahead of his upcoming fall tour with Panic! At the Disco.

The ‘Weddings and Funerals’ singer, who’s been described as Gen Z’s Elton John, is overt in his celebration of queer love in this new single which is a joyous ode to living freely.

‘Modern Love’ sees Rogers once again bring an introspectively personal queer story into pop with a gloriously gender-blurred melody, irresistible vocals and triumphant lyrics. 

“You’re my, you’re my, you’re my, you’re my / My modern love” he sings with a raspy croon. “We can break all the rules / Move to the moon / Check out that view.”

The new single is accompanied by a striking music video in which Rogers appears in a full-white outfit on the moon with only a piano and a flag brandished with the word ‘love.’ 

Between exploring the uneven terrain and performing a serenade with the piano, the 25-year-old’s music video sees him consider a new way to live his life void of societal expectations including “showing up to the funeral, wearing a wedding dress”.

“I wrote ‘Modern Love’ after my then-boyfriend and I went to see a psychic in New Orleans and she said we were going to get married,” Rogers says. “As a queer person I’ve never fit into this picture, but I also don’t think most people do.”

Rogers explains that to him the song is about “finding and accepting your own unique, beautiful version of love.”

“The past few years woke me up to what being alive is really about,” Rogers adds. “Now I get to use those fulfilled dreams to anchor the next chapter in my career, my artistry, and my growth.”

Rogers’ tour with Panic! At the Disco kicks off on 8 September. You can buy tickets here.

The Attitude September/October issue is out now.