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Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival: 35 shortlisted films revealed in new trailer

And this year you'll be able to see them free and online.

By Will Stroude

The Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival has revealed the LGBTQ short films which have been shortlisted for this year’s £30,000 grand prize.

After the Best British Short Film shortlist was revealed earlier this month, 35 films from across the globe which will be going head to head for the festival’s biggest prize have been announced.

Directors from India, China, Brazil and Macedonia will compete with those from the UK at the queer film festival, which traditionally takes place in Cardiff but is set to take place free and online from 6-11 October this year in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

“I’m delighted to share with you the Class of 2020. The 35 short films in competition are the best of the best” said Andrew Pierce, Iris Prize chair, in a statement.

“They represent excellence in storytelling, taking us the viewer to places that only film can.

“Pointing a bright spotlight on the lives of LGBT+ people making sure that we are seen in all our colourful diversity”.

The Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival takes place free and online from 6-11 October, enabling viewers to see the films wherever they are in the world for the first time.

The film’s nominated for this year’s Iris Prize are listed below:

1-1 (Sweden, 2020) – directed by Naures Sager
ALL GOOD THINGS (Australia, 2019) – directed by Simon Croker
BABY (USA, 2019) – directed by Jessie Levandov
BATHROOM TROLL (USA, 2018) – directed by Aaron Immediato
BLACK LIPS (Australia, 2018) – directed by Adrian Chiarella
BLACKN3SS (Brazil , 2018) – directed by Diego Paulino
BOYS (BANIM) (Israel, 2020) – directed by Lior Soroka
BREAK IN (USA, 2020) – directed by Alyssa Lerner
CICADA (Czech Republic , 2020) – Piaoyu Xie
DIRTY (USA, 2020) – Matthew Puccini
DOWN DOG (USA, 2020) – directed by Shae Xu
DRIFTING (China, USA, 2019) – directed by Hanxiong Bo
HIS NAME (HANN) (Iceland, 2018) – directed by Runar Thor
OCTOBER (USA, 2019) – directed by Mae Mann
ON MY WAY (Belgium, 2020) – directed by Sonam Larcin
ORVILLE + BOB (USA, 2019) – directed by Alan Griswold
PEACH (Australia, 2020) – Rowan Devereux & Sophie Saville
PRETTY GIRL (CAILÍN ÁLAINN) (Ireland, 2019) – directed by Megan K Fox)
QUEENS (UK, 2020) – directed by Nick Bechman
SAVING CHINTU (India, 2020) – directed by Tushar Tyagi
SELMA AFTER THE RAIN (Brazil, 2019) – directed by Loli Menezes
SHEAR AVORY: TO BE CONTINUED (USA, 2020) – directed by Abram Cerda
SHHH! (HYSJ!) (Norway, 2019) directed by Nini Kjeldner
SHORT CALF MUSCLE (Netherlands, 2019) – directed by Victoria Warmerdam
SNAKE (Macedonia, 2020) – directed by Andrey Volkashin
THE CYPHER (USA, 2020) – directed by Letia Solomon
THE PASSING (UK, 2020) – directed by Nichola Wong
THE SHAWL (USA, 2020) – directed by Sara Kiener
THE WAY WE ARE (Canada, 2020) – directed by Amanda Ann-Min Wong
THRIVE (UK, 2019) – directed by Jamie Di Spirito
UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS (Germany, 2020) – directed by Vika Kirchenbauer
VICTORIA (Spain, 2020 – directed by Daniel Toledo Saura)
WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE RING (Taiwan, 2020) – directed by Yichi Chen
WHEN IN ROME (PAESE CHE VAI) (Italy, 2020) – directed by Luca Padrini
WINGS (UK, 2020) – Jamie Weston