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Iceman forced back into the closet in the latest Marvel Comics

The character came out in a time-travelling storyline

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Iceman has been forced back into the closet in the latest Marvel Comics and fans are outraged.

The iconic X-Men character Bobby Drake came out back in 2015 during a time travel storyline in ‘All-New X-Men’, which saw five heroes being sent into the future.

The younger version of Bobby aka Iceman confronted his older self about their sexuality and writer Brian Michael Bendis fixed the time-travelling issue by having the older Bobby also come out.

Iceman was one of the first Marvel characters to come out and in a recent issue the hero and Simon Lasker aka Pyro had sex four times in his own comic series where he is out and proud – a storyline we hoped to see in the movie franchise.

Now, fans are outraged because in the final issue of the six-year Extermination series from Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz, the character had his memory erased forcing him to go back into the closet.

In the issue, young Bobby tells his older self: “I’m not the same person. I don’t want to go back to pretending I’m something I’m not.”

To which his older self replied: “If you hadn’t come here and been able to embrace who you really are, then I’d still be living a lie too.

“So, no matter what happens when you go back, you finally let me be honest with myself. And no one can take that from us.”