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‘I would love for that to happen’ – Mariah Carey wants to collab with Cardi B and Lil’ Kim

The pop diva told Andy Cohen she wants to work with the two American rappers for a single

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Mariah Carey wants to collaborate with Cardi B and Lil’ Kim.

While speaking to our favourite American chat show host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Mariah was asked how she would feel about collaborating with the American rapper, and the pop diva confirmed she would love to work with her.

She said: “I would love for that to happen. The song you guys were just playing ‘A No No’ was originally a Lil’ Kim’s song. We love Kim.

“And I was hoping the three of us could do a collaboration, I think that would be great.

“I mean if no one puts that together, it’s never gonna happen. You know, things happen really quick these days.”

Well, someone get Cardi, Mariah and Lil’ Kim on the phone now!

Watch the interview below: