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Get out, loud and proud with JOY 94.9’s radiothon

By Umar Sarwar

The JOY 94.9 radiothon has been underway this week, helping strengthen the voices within the LGBT community across Australia.

The Melbourne LGBTI radio fundraiser will feature many different voices from lots of people to inspire you to get out, loud and proud over the coming week.

JOY CEO Tennille Moisel, said: “We have some really exciting plans for the coming year to help JOY grow and expand which will help us reach more people and only further strengthen the voice of the LGBT communities.

“This Radiothon will ensure we can bring these plans to life and execute them as best we can.”

Gay icon, Danny Minogue was recently on the show talking about her early days on Young Talent Time, her music career, being a mum and her upcoming gig with Culture Club in Melbourne.



JOY is a fully independent, non-profit community radio station which isn’t government funded. The only way JOY remains out, loud, and proud is from membership and donations.

To support the station you can donate to JOY via email and sign up or renew a membership.

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