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Geri Horner accused of throwing shade at the Spice Girls live on Good Morning Britain

Things quickly got awkward on the breakfast news show on Thursday morning.

By Fabio Crispim

Former Spice Girl Geri Horner was in for an awkward morning after being accused of throwing shade at her former bandmates live on Good Morning Britain.

During an interview on the morning breakfast show, presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard asked Horner about a possible Spice Girls reunion. 

Admitting that she’s given up her dream reams of getting the iconic girl group back together, Horner said: “Last year, I so wanted it to happen because it was the anniversary. A few of us were really pushing for it to happen and then it didn’t. So I sort of let it go a little bit.

“I love the girls and I’m really grateful to the fans and the music.” 

After Geri explained that a reunion “almost” happened, Susanna asked her: “And when you say it almost happened, there is obviously a sticking point somewherre, someone saying this can’t happen?”

Geri replied: “Yeah, to get five people to agree all at the same time, even if you’ve got five really nice people, to say you all like the same colour is hard.” 

The comment caused Susanna to chime in: “That is throwing shade. ‘Even if you’ve got five really nice people.'”

Ben Shephard quickly asked: “So some of them aren’t really nice?”

Horner then scrambled to explain her comment: “No, they are really nice – that’s what I’m saying. They are all really nice!

“No, I wasn’t saying that. No, they are all really nice girls.” 

Reunion or not, we all know there’s nothing but love between the Spices these days. Naughty Good Morning Britain..