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Frock Destroyers’ Baga Chipz and Blu Hydrangea were ‘going nuts’ while filming their ‘Frockumentary’

Exclusive: Attitude speaks to two of the Frock Destroyers about their World of Wonder produced documentary.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: WOW 

Before there was ‘U OK HUN?’ there was ‘Break Up Bye Bye’. We all remember where we were when the Frock Destroyers burst into our lives with the song that would go on to become one of the best performing songs on any series of RuPaul’s Drag Race

So it’s no wonder Divina De Campo, Baga Chipz, and Blu Hydrangea would go on to make a whole album – Frock 4 Life – the making of which is captured in the documentary… sorry, the Frockumentary, which is now available on WOW Presents Plus. 

Attitude was fortunate to sit down with Blu and Baga to chat about what fans can expect from the Frockumentary, as well as whether things will change now that Blu has been named Queen of the World…

What was it like making the Frock-umentary?

BH: It was really fun. We did God Shave of the Queens which was our documentary for behind the scenes of our Drag Race tour. This was more fun because it was just about us. I knew that we were creating something fun in quite a dark time. So it was quite nice that we got to document that too. And it also means a little bit more publicity for the Frock Destroyers, because our growth was stunted by the pandemic, and I think we deserve that little moment to shine because ‘Break Up Bye Bye’ was great.

BC: It was amazing! We were all locked down and stuck in the house and to see two of my best friends, mostly by Zoom, but when we got to see each other [in person] I said OH MY GOD! I think I started crying cause they’re two of my best mates in the whole world. I even loved Divina’s laugh!!! Both are a huge part of my life and for us to be back together making music, I was going nuts. Loved it! 

Is there a stand-out moment for you both from the documentary?

BH: The music video was my favourite day. We got to go back on the Drag Race set while they were filming season two. And Divina and I snuck into the werkroom and had a little poke around everyone’s drag. It was pretty early on in the season. So we kind of got a notion of who might still be there and stuff. It was all very exciting.

And then we just got to be on the runway. And there was no stress of competing or anything. I felt like a superstar! That was really cool!

BC: Just seeing all three of us together having the best time. I always say there’s nothing better than working with your mates ’cause it’s not working. We’re like a family having an absolute ball. It was an amazing experience to make something good out of a s*** situation. 

What was it like making an album during a pandemic?

BH: It was a really creative environment because it was a lot of people bouncing off each other. I didn’t mind that it happened over Zoom, I’m just glad that we got to record in person. That was the first time we’d seen each other since just before the pandemic.

It was crazy to not see them for six months apart from on Zoom. And then the next time we saw each other, we were doing something so monumental. And it’s even funnier because when we went into the pandemic, it wasn’t planned that we would do this album. And then we were doing it. It’s crazy.

BC: Don’t get me wrong, it was very, very hard. For three creatives to make an album, normally we’d be sat around or on the floor in a circle like the Spice Girls putting ideas into each other’s head, ‘OH this is a good lyric, this is a good idea!’ But we did it!

When we went to record the album, we walked through the corridor in masks and went to the recording booth one by one and recorded one at a time in the studio. I think it was good seeing people in person cause it was the time you’d only see the shopkeeper at your local shop. But yeah, it was very hard but an amazing finished product.

For anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, how would you describe the sound of the album?

BH: It’s what you’d expect from me to us I think. It’s the three of us – that’s what you’re gonna get. There are some camp songs in there like ‘Her Majesty’, there’s obviously ‘Break Up’. There’s ‘Frock 4 Life’. And then there’s some more serious and sexy songs like ‘Fame Whore’ and ‘Big Ben’. I love performing the songs too because I think they’re real bops.

BC: It’s an eclectic range of sounds. There’s so many different types of sounds on it. Obviously, you have ‘Break Up Bye Bye’ which is a bit of a camp rock anthem. Then you’ve got the electric guitars and stuff. I’d also say it’s very slut pop, slaggy sounds, and bubble gum pop as well. Frock4Life, you can hear someone like Steps sing. Camp, cheese pop. Every song is a song you can dance to! 

What’s the best way you’ve heard someone describe the album so far? And was it accurate?

BH: Oh my goodness. I don’t know. I think it’s got good streams, especially ‘Her Majesty’. I don’t think I’ve ever I’ve never had a reaction to it that was memorable. And maybe that’s a good thing!

BC: Ohhh! So many people message me about the album and say they love it. Thousands of people tag me every day listening to the songs in their cars, in clubs all around the world. The best compliment I’d say is people are still listening to it! A lot of people are so complimentary saying these are proper bangers and we’re proper pop stars. 

Blu, do you think being Queen of the World that will impact the group dynamics at all?

BH: Someone did say that underneath one of my posts, that I was the Beyoncé. But Beyoncé can sing so, no. We’ve mutually agreed that we’re all Beyoncé in our own right. And I think that’s true.

We all have one thing that makes us super special. And in the future, I’ll just wear gold, Divina can wear silver because she came second and Baga can wear bronze. So it all works!

All episodes of the Frockumentary will be available to stream from 5 April, exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe here.

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