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Former ‘Strictly’ head judge Len Goodman is an ‘old traditionalist’ when it comes to same-sex dance couples

The long-running BBC show will reportedly include same-sex couples next year

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Former Strictly Come Dancing head judge Len Goodman is too much of a ‘traditionalist’ to get on board with same-sex couples on the BBC show.

After fans and cleebrities – including Judge Rinder and Dr Ranj Singh – called for the ballroom and latin dance show to introduce same-sex couples, the BBC confirmed at the end of August that they are open to be inclusive in upcoming years.

However, former head judge, Len Goodman – who has judged ‘pink competitions’ in the past – said he is too much of an ‘old traditionalist’ to see same-sex couples on the BBC show.

He told The Sun: “I’ve judged what they used to call pink competitions with ladies dancing together, and a load of guys.

“They were of a very high standard, terrific dancing actually.

“Somehow whilst you were judging it, you didn’t even notice. It wasn’t that one of the men was dressed in a frock or anything, it was done in a very tasteful way.

“So, if it’s done in that way, I think it would be OK. But that doesn’t change the fact I’m an old traditionalist.

“The thing is, it’s so difficult to please everyone. What I’m used to is traditional ballroom and Latin dancing.

“When I was judging on Strictly, if somebody did some outlandish movement I didn’t like it.

“I like it as it was, but everything moves on. If they do it, there’ll be people saying, ‘I’m not going to watch it any more’.

“And if they don’t do it, there’ll be people saying, ‘Well, you’re homophobic’. They can’t win.”

Last year, the show featured, for the first time, the professionals performing a same-sex routine. 

Watch the clip below: