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‘First Dates’ contestant comes out as transgender and her date gives the best reaction

After the show, Aiden revealed that despite agreeing for a second date, the couple did not meet again

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A First Dates contestant came out as transgender to her date and his reaction was amazing.

On last night’s episode (November 19) of the Channel 4 dating show, 25-year-old Danni met 28-year-old bar manager Aiden for a blind date.

As conversation flowed between the pair – who both confessed to being hungover on the date – Danni opened up about her gender identity.

She said: “I’m setting up a lingerie brand. Basically, I was very frustrated looking for lingerie.

“I basically want to make products because I couldn’t find anything made for transwomen. Which is me!

“Oh my God! I’m so happy I got that out of the way.”

Aiden then had the best reaction any date could ask for and said he didn’t realise and said it’s “not a problem for me” before revealing he was pansexual himself.

After the date, the pair agreed to go on another date.

However, after the show aired, Aiden took to Twitter to reveal he lost Danni’s number and she never messaged him.

Watch their date below: