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Filmmaker Xavier Dolan hits out at labelling movies as ‘gay films’

'This film is not gay, it’s life. We never talk about heterosexual films.'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Filmmaker Xavier Dolan has hit out at labelling films as ‘gay films’.

The filmmaker debuted his latest movie, Matthias and Maxime, at Cannes Film Festival this year and the film follows two young childhood friends who, after a kiss as adults, start to question their feelings.

Although Dolan has a history of LGBTQ-focused films – including I Killed My Mother which wowed Cannes audiences 10 years ago – he has hit back at labelling films based on themes and topics.

During a press conference at the prestigious film festival, he said: “This film is not gay, it’s life. We never talk about heterosexual films. ‘Oh, I saw this great heterosexual love story’.

“For me, it’s not a story of homosexuality or gay love. Ultimately, I don’t think that the two protagonists are aware that it is gay love. It’s love.

“Many say they recognise mothers and homosexuality in my films.

“In regards to mothers, we all have one, that’s the origin of life. They’re women and individuals and they have strengths and problems and behaviours which are extraordinary to explore.

“I love characters who are cruel because they are not happy living their life as it doesn’t reflect their most inner feelings.

“I like characters who have very strong reactions in terms of their environment and their friends, because they may feel a bit shameful about themselves.”

Watch the trailer for Matthias and Maxime below: