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Euphoria star Jacob Elordi opens up about nude scenes

The Australian actor, 24, was taking to Ellen DeGeneres on her long-running talk show.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: HBO and YouTube

Euphoria‘s Jacob Elordi has commented on his naked scenes in the hit HBO show, saying “it’s always weird” because the cast and crew feel like a family. 

In a short stint on the long-running Ellen DeGeneres talk show, Jacob, 24, also addresses his character, Nate’s, behaviour on the show joking that he’s “a sweet, lovable, relatable, giant 18-year-old psychopath.”

Asked whether he gets any advanced warning or if he just reads it in the script, he tells Ellen that done so much at least partial nudity that he’s comfortable with it.

“It’s always weird” 

“On Euphoria, it comes with the territory of the character so he’s an ultra-masculine, macho jock. So, those guys tend to get around pretty shirtless. So it’s sort of ok,” Jacob says.

Mentioning the show’s intimacy co-ordinator, who Jacob describes as a “second mother” and who he says checks that everyone’s comfortable.

“The crew has been the same from the first season through the second season, so it’s kind of like getting naked in front of your family,” he explains.

Laughing it off along with Ellen and the audience, the Australian actor recognises “it’s always weird”. 

Recently, Jacob’s cast mat, Austin Abrams, said he thought Nate, should get a boyfriend in the show’s third series. 

Watch the segment below:

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