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Emmerdale spoiler: Aaron Dingle breaks up with doctor boyfriend – but will he reunite with Robert Sugden?

Producers have teased the couple's reunion, and it's finally happening

By Fabio Crispim

It looks as though the Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle reunion is finally happening.

Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle) has been teasing for months that the couple will reunite, and it appears to finally be on the cards.

Aaron previously embarked on a relationship with Doctor Alex Mason (Steve Flynn) after ending his engagement with Sugden, but an episode next week will see him dump the doctor. 

In a special hour-long episode airing next Thursday (February 22), Sugden (Ryan Hawley) will visit a gay bar to look for a new boyfriend after having spotting Alex moving in with Aaron at Mill Cottage.

On the same evening, Victoria invites Aaron to join her for a girl’s night out at the gay bar and Aaron ultimately decides to break up with his doctor boyfriend after witnessing Robert take another man’s phone number.

The episode will also see Aaron approach Robert, but the questions remains whether the couple get back together? 

Danny Miller told Digital Spy: “Aaron has been battling with his feelings and trying to move on from Robert, but then Victoria lets him know that they’re going to help Robert move on himself. They mention that they’re all going to a gay bar, which makes Aaron even more jealous.” 

“This would be a gay relationship for Robert, as opposed to the heterosexual relationship he had with Rebecca while Aaron was in prison. It’s a whole new bracket of jealousy that opens up for Aaron and I think he just wants to put a stop to it, if he can.” 

He added: “I think there’s obviously a hidden motive with Aaron when he goes to the bar. When he sees Robert getting along with a handsome man, Aaron just goes for it. His true feelings really come to the surface.” 

It was previously hinted that the couple would be back together by the end of February, and it seems like this could be the moment.

Emmerdale continues weekdays on ITV.